When Style Matters

Liudmil Vasilev

Liudmil Vassilev is the owner and main tattoo artist of Magic Needle tattoo studio. He began his career of professional tattoo artist in the early 90ies. After 27 years in business and having won more than 30 national and international awards, his name is one of the best known not only in Bulgaria, but also in Europe. Over the years, apart from tattoos, Liudmil has been involved in many side art projects: he creates a series of tattoo machines, organizes and co-organizes tattoo festivals, conducts courses and seminars for tattoo artists, etc. He has given numerous interviews on TV shows, magazines and newspapers, related to tattooing as history and art.

His passion for painting extends beyond tattoos to oil painting, watercolor and graphics. The excellent reviews and recommendations for his work lead him to numerous guestspots in various tattoo studios in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy and others.

Undoubted authority and many years of experience provide him with a place in the jury of many tattoo conventions in the country and abroad. Lyudmil Vassilev specializes in black and white (black and gray) tattoos in the style of photo realism and sur-realism. His specific way of working with a special focus on details makes his style unique and recognizable. His tattoos are synonymous of uncompromising perfectionism!